About Padel Paddle, Who, What and Where - I Love Padel
I Love Padel, offers the latest Padel racket models and always includes full factory guarantee and service. We deliver throughout Europe from Spain. We also deliver to the rest of the world upon request.
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About Padel Paddle – I Love Padel

An initiative of Sports Enthusiasts with a special warm heart for the Noble Padel sport or as some say Paddle Tennis, POP tennis or in Spanish Pádel.

With an urge to improve our own game, we wanted to gain more insights and improve our technique in this rapidly emerging sport.

Having said this was easier said than done

What keeps us busy (and probably you as well) is how to play the game of Padel (Paddle), where, and when to Train, what Material is Best, Rules and Regulations, what is a Vibora, etc. Besides questions like what is the difference between a Tennis Ball and a Padel Ball or which Padel Racket (Paddle Racquet) is Best for My Level, which Racket weight is best for me?, and where can I buy it?

We are happy to answer all kinds of these questions, just let us know.

You can also check our Blog or our Shop Page. We do update regularly so come back once in a while and see our latest updates on Products for the Best Prices and always with 4 months full factory guaranty.

In the meantime keep up the great game of Padel… The I Love Padel Team.

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Here some examples of why we Love Padel